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Keeping in touch with your dentist in Rickmansworth

The importance of regular dental check-ups

As our lives get busier with work commitments, social gatherings and everything in between, it is all too easy to push aside the dental check-up appointments, which can begin with weeks and turn into months and years without attending. Whilst physical pain may not be present, without regular visits to our dentist in Rickmansworth it is hard to know what is going on within the mouth and whether or not your oral hygiene process is sufficient enough to prevent damage further down the line. If this is not your story and you have always attended your appointments regularly then this is fantastic, but if this is your story then do not worry, but get started with a new healthier way of living starting now.

The cleaning process at home

Without studying dentistry it is hard to know whether or not your daily oral hygiene process is sufficient enough to prevent damage and more extensive treatments further down the line. Whilst a simple brush with the electric or sonic toothbrush may leave the teeth feeling clean, without flossing or the use of interdental brushes it is often not efficient enough in removing the debris of food. This is where checking in with our dentist in Rickmansworth at Berry Lane Dental comes in, after all we are the experts and are here to work as a team with you.

Brushing your teeth twice a day for a few minutes often does not do the cleaning process justice and whilst this is what you may have been taught as a child, the education surrounding dental care and its efficiency continues to develop and evolve. During your regular dental check-ups these processes can be explained to you, without boring you, and help you learn how to tweak your own methods at home. Your oral health goes hand in hand with your overall health, so it is important to take particular care with it so as to avoid problems further down the line. Preventive dentistry will always work best and be encouraged by our dentist in Rickmansworth.

Nervous about your visit?

Whether visiting our dental practice for the first time or whether the years have accumulated between appointments, our dental team understands that nerves can often occur for patients. Although we can not eliminate your fears with one simple word, our dental team will always do their best to meet your needs and ensure that your visits are as stress free as possible. If you are nervous about attending an appointment, please ensure that you inform the dental team when booking your appointment. This will allow any reasonable extra measures to be implemented from the beginning and continued on throughout your time with the dental practice. The extra measures may be surrounding the appointment time, a  particular piece of music playing or meeting our dentist in Rickmansworth beforehand. Whilst we may not be able to meet every request, we will always do our best to work with you so as to ensure your oral health does not suffer.