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Our progressive dentist in Rickmansworth

Like everything in the world today, standing still is not an option if we are to progress in whatever we do. As a profession, dentistry has been moving forward at a rapid pace, and new dental ideas are being translated into reality constantly. As a forward-thinking dentist in Rickmansworth, we regularly attend seminars and receive training in the latest equipment and techniques.

Keeping dentistry to a minimum

There is no doubt that preventing a condition from manifesting is far better than having to treat it. To this end, we strive to educate our patients on the latest and most effective and efficient techniques to maintain their oral hygiene to the highest standards. From the youngest to the oldest patients, we discuss and recommend what toothbrushes, toothpaste and techniques are suited to each patient. No two people are the same, and while the basic principles of oral hygiene are similar, each individual needs to do what is best for them. Because we are a dedicated and caring dentist in Rickmansworth, our message is simple: the better your dental maintenance, the less you will suffer from tooth decay and gum disease. Regular six-monthly checkups will allow us to assess how well you are doing and provide that extra cleaning and removal of plaque.

Long-lasting dental material

It’s a fact of life that there will be patients who will need dentistry of some sort during their lifetime. As a committed dentist in Rickmansworth, we assure our patients that we will always use high-quality dental materials to treat their particular conditions. We want to protect our patients from having to make frequent trips to the dental clinic.

Limiting your dental appointments

If we can keep your dental appointments to a minimum, then we will have achieved our ambition of preventive dentistry. Seeing a patient every six months should be sufficient to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Any appointments in between mean that a strict regular oral hygiene program may not have been followed.

Why is dental care so important

Our mouths allow us to fuel our bodies, and our teeth allow us to chew our food so that our stomachs can digest our food properly. Our teeth allow us to smile and show emotion, and healthy gums allow us to retain our teeth. All in all, our mouths are an extremely important part of our anatomy. We spend a fortune on our cars, and we take them for regular servicing to ensure that they work as intended. That should be the same for our bodies both medically and from a dental point of view.

Here to care, help and guide you

Berry Lane Dental wants to help this generation and the generations to come to understand the importance of dental health to our overall well being. As a community family dental clinic, we encourage patients to help us educate their children as they are the next generation. There are few gifts that are better than a parent giving their child the gift of proper dental care, resulting in long-lasting teeth.