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The importance of check-ups by our dentist

As restrictions ease and social distancing in dental centres becomes simpler and routine, more and more patients are being called into dental surgeries to undertake their 6 monthly check-ups. Even if it has been well over 6 months!

During the past lockdowns and now the wait for your biannual examination, you may have been wondering why dental check-ups are so close together, especially if the lockdown restrictions had no real impact on your dental health. In this article, we answer that question and more about why dental check-ups are so important.

At Berry Lane Dental, we take oral health seriously and our dentist in Rickmansworth is a firm believer in the prevention of dental issues rather than needing a cure for them. We pride ourselves on our preventive treatments and are always happy to help patients who may need a bit more work performed than a routine check-up.

But why should you try and see our dentist in Rickmansworth every 6 months as a bare minimum? Read on to find out!

Tooth decay

Everyone has heard about tooth decay and our dentist in Rickmansworth will take as many steps as they can to prevent you from suffering from it.

Even if you brush your teeth regularly, it can still be hard to reach all the crevices and hiding places where plaque can accumulate. And as you know, accumulated plaque on the teeth can lead to cavities which, if left undetected by a trained eye, can develop into tooth decay.

And untreated tooth decay can lead to abscesses, tooth loss and a lot of discomfort. To prevent tooth decay, try to see our team every 6 months and to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene.

Gum disease

Second to tooth decay in the list of oral issues that our team aims to prevent is gum disease.

Once again caused by too much plaque in the mouth, this can cause the gums to swell, bleed and be painful when you are eating. If you spit blood when you brush, it is time to book an appointment to see our team and discuss treatment options. Typically, treating mild gum disease will involve a scale and polish and the use of medicated mouthwash.

Bad breath

There are few things that are more socially taboo than persistent bad breath.

And if you visit our team every 6 months, you can prevent having offensive breath due to our team’s ability to remove odour causing plaque with a deep clean or a scale and polish.

We can also check for gum disease and tooth decay, both of which can contribute to strong breath, along with infections.

Oral cancer

One of the most preventable of all cancers is oral cancer. Solely because we check for it during your biannual check-up! And if we detect anything unusual, we will send you on to an oral cancer specialist for further tests.

If you have any of the symptoms of oral cancer, such as lumps, bumps, difficulty swallowing or pain when eating, then please contact our dental team for an emergency appointment.