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The importance of having a dentist on board to protect your children’s teeth

Dental care at any age is important; therefore, setting young children on the right path from as young as 6 months old is of the utmost importance. At Berry Lane Dental, we strive to help parents understand how crucial regular checkup appointments with our dentist in Rickmansworth are.

So why are these visits to the dentist so important?

Reducing and eliminating tooth decay

If you have a young child, you will know that the oral hygiene process carried out each day can be a challenge. Whilst it would be simple if the parent just took over and cleaned their child’s teeth, the encouragement of independence combined with teaching the child how to care for themselves is even more important. Therefore, the twice-daily brush becomes a combination of the child carrying out the process whilst supervised followed by the parent having a brush as well. Whilst this combination is ideal, a battle of wills can occur, and the parent assisting with a brush can become difficult despite the best interests. The oral hygiene process can unintentionally begin to decline, allowing the build-up of plaque and early tooth decay to set it. With regular checkups in place, this can all be monitored and help everyone remain on track with their dental health.

Protecting and preserving milk teeth

Whilst losing milk teeth is a natural occurrence, keeping them safe and protected until they naturally come out is very important. Fluoride treatments, a safe protective barrier that can be applied to your children’s teeth, help preserve the baby teeth and keep the bacteria at bay. The fluoride applied helps to strengthen the teeth and effectively puts up a barrier against plaque. Keeping in touch with our dentist in Rickmansworth and asking about this treatment is essential to helping your children take care of their smiles.

Flagging up potential problems

Although in an ideal world, our children would have the perfect set of teeth with no dental problems occurring, the reality is rather different. This is where a regular checkup appointment with our dentist in Rickmansworth can make all the difference. Attending appointments on a bi-yearly or yearly basis, depending on the recommendation made by our dental team, together we can monitor the effectiveness of the oral hygiene process as well as implement plans early on should potential dental problems begin to surface. This process of early detection is effective not only for children but also for patients of any age and helps to keep the more extensive treatments and procedures from happening.

Teaching the younger generations

Whilst we hope that all children do take notice of their parents’ or guardians’ teachings, having an external source can help cement the teachings even further and be extremely beneficial. Our dental team is there to support parents and children with their oral hygiene process and ensure that a level of understanding is gained throughout each appointment. We are all a team and are here to protect your oral health. Whether it has been 6 months, a year or a lifetime since your last checkup, contact our practice today to get your oral health back on track.