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Why a dentist needs to help protect children’s teeth?

At Berry Lane Dental, we are big advocates of proper dental care for children. Many parents remain unaware of the dire need for children’s visits to the dentist in Rickmansworth for professional dental check-ups. Without these crucial visits to the dentist in Rickmansworth, children are vulnerable to the terrible consequences of tooth decay.


Tooth decay in children remains one of the biggest concerns of public health issues in England. Too many children (as young as three) have to endure tooth extractions in hospitals because of tooth decay.

The problem with tooth decay in children is that the impact extends further than the physical pain, as excruciating as this can be. Due to this pain, children may avoid eating, putting their nutritional needs at risk or it could affect speaking, playing or learning.

What parents need to hear is that tooth decay is an entirely stoppable dental problem.  Children need not suffer cavities or the trauma of tooth extractions provided parents follow simple recommended guidelines. Parents would do well to: ensure their child’s first visit to the dentist in Rickmansworth takes place as soon as they are a year old, implement an oral hygiene programme at home which should be supervised and limit the number of times their children consume sugary treats and acidic beverages.

While it is always best to avoid pain and discomfort, here are a few other reasons why good oral health is important for children.

Good reasons for professional dental care for children

Keep problems to a minimum

The best way to avoid dental problems is to have regular dental check-ups carried out at a reliable dental clinic. This holds true for adults as well as children. Many dental problems can escalate to the degree that becomes costly to treat and where patients have to endure protracted treatment plans.

The purpose of a dental exam is to have a dentist identify worrying red flags that point to an issue. Once a problem is identified, we can then suggest appropriate measures to correct the issue and prevent major problems down the line.

Strengthen milk teeth

Milk teeth may have a shorter lifespan compared to adult teeth but while they are in the mouth, they still need to be cared for. One of the tricks available to dentists to protect teeth is fluoride treatments. Fluoride treatments are safe for children and form a remarkable protective barrier on enamel that keeps bad bacteria at bay. The benefit of applying these treatments to the surface area of teeth is that fluoride remineralises teeth, making them stronger and more resistant to plaque.

Children learn about oral health

Pleasant experiences at the dentist in childhood will help encourage a positive attitude to dental care in adulthood. Children also get to learn how to take care of their teeth from a trusted professional and build good dental habits which will allow them to enjoy their natural teeth possibly for life. Looking for a trusted dentist to take care of your family’s oral health needs? Our team of capable and caring dental professionals at Berry Lane Dental offer dental services with a particular focus on preventive dentistry. Why not give us a call today to arrange an appointment and keep that smile healthy and happy?